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A unique crystal series

Regardless of whether you are celebrating the New Year, a birthday, having guests over for dinner or simply enjoying a glass of wine with your meal, our Manhattan Collection has it all. Exquisitely set your table with these elegant champagne, wine, highball and shot glasses. The Collection also has lovely carafes and decanters, each with a sophisticated Art Deco design.


Display your crystal with pride

The classic design of our Manhattan crystal collection makes it easy for you to create a classic, luxurious table setting. Set them on the table with pride and feel the elegance fill the room. With your favourite china, cutlery and finishing touches like a lovely flower arrangement the final result will always be exquisite.




Manhattan champagne glass crystal

Crystal stemware adds elegance to your table settings.
With their elegant Art Deco design, Manhattan Champagne Glasses are the perfect choice for serving champagne. Both durable and elegant, the beveled crystal also reflects the light and casts alluring shadows.
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Manhattan wine glass crystal

Beautiful, stemmed wine glasses in cut crystal.
The perfect wine glass for your elegant table settings, when you really want to delight and impress your guests. Crystal glass sparkles and shines, creating an atmosphere of exclusivity.
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Manhattan tumbler glass crystal

These beautiful crystal glasses are also perfect for serving dessert.
Manhattan Tumbler is a gorgeous beveled crystal glass that brilliantly reflects the light. Use it as a water glass, for whiskey or cocktails.

Manhattan highball glass crystal

Elegant tall glasses, perfect for both juices and drinks.
Crystal glasses have a beautiful shine and sparkle. The Manhattan Highball Glass presents your beverage elegantly, regardless of whether you are serving a cocktail, juice or some other drink.

Manhattan shot glass crystal

Crystal shot glasses from Newport.
The Manhattan Shot Glass, with its gorgeous beveled crystal, brilliantly reflects the light. Impress your guess by serving drinks in these delightful crystal glasses.
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Manhattan crystal carafe

Elegant pitcher of the finest crystal.
Delight and impress your guests by serving them delicious drinks from an elegant pitcher. Manhattan Crystal Pitcher is perfect for both everyday use and special occasions.

Manhattan decanter crystal

Serve fine spirits from a tasteful decanter.
Manhattan Decanter is made of the finest crystal and it is perfect for both everyday use and special occasions. Use it to store your fine spirits, or display it just as it is to adorn your home.
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Manhattan vase crystal

Reflects the light and casts a stunning shimmer.
Beveled crystal vase that reflects the light. It has a wide rim and elegant curvature down to the tapered base, securely holding your bouquet, without compromising on its lushness and fullness.
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Manhattan vase crystal

Perfect for fruit, salads or sweets.
Beveled crystal serving bowl that reflects the light and casts exquisite shadows across the room.
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