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    Newport Collection


    Newport Västerås, Punkt

    Our inspiring store at Punkt Galleria in Västerås is brimming with hand-chosen and exciting home furnishings from every corner of the globe. A selection of furniture is on display in the store, and more than 4000 items (ranging from furniture to rugs and interior design products) are available to order. In the store, you will find decorative objects for your entire home, such as paintings, scented candles, soft furnishings, captivating coffee table books and other home décor details. Select your favourites to feather your nest and create a cosy atmosphere.


    Punkt Galleria

    Founded in 1968, Punkt Galleria is a classic and well-known landmark in Västerås. It houses about three dozen shops and restaurants and welcomes approximately five million visitors per year. This makes Punkt an attractive place to shop, right in the heart of the city. Its retailers exude an air of elegant exclusivity, and while trends may come and go, like a fine wine, this venerable department store has only grown better with age.

    Opening hours & contact info

    Monday - Friday 10.00 - 18.00
    Saturday 10-00 - 16.00
    Sunday Closed

    See exceptional opening hours here

    Stora Gatan 7-21
    722 12 Västerås

    021-421 00 60
    [email protected]


    Christmas in Store

    Newport Christmas Shop has now opened! Visit our store in Västerås and get inspired by our exclusive and decorative Christmas tree decorations, artificial flowers, and ornaments. We have everything you need to create a truly magical holiday season