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    Avenue Collection
    Avenue Collection


    by Newport


    Elegant crystal

    The Avenue Collection is our new series of crystal glasses that are sophisticated, glitzy and glamorous, all at the same time. Inspired by the Roaring Twenties, the Avenue Collection creates that same atmosphere of carefree frivolity and opulence characteristic of that era. They are the perfect choice for fine dining or when you want a touch of elegance in your everyday life. The Avenue Collection consists of red wine, white wine, champagne and cocktail glasses and we encourage you to use all of them in your table setting to create a stylish, overall impression.


    1920s glamour

    The Avenue Collection takes its inspiration from New York and the Roaring Twenties. In the lull after WWI, the privileged upper class indulged in opulence, with extravagant parties, sumptuous feasts and, of course, the finest crystal glasses filled with expensive champagne. We saw it all come to life, too, in the 2013 remake of The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo Di Caprio. Based on of the F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, it tells the tale of the dashing, yet mysterious millionaire, Jay Gatsby and the wild parties he would host at his mansion.


    Enhances the flavours

    For alcoholic beverages, the design of the glass can actually impact how it tastes, because the alcohol affects the drink’s natural aroma. Champagne is typically served in a tall, narrow flute to accentuate the bubbles and help keep it cold. A white wine glass is smaller than a red wine glass, but depending on the acidity, some white wines should also be served in a larger glass. Never fill the glass more than three-quarters full so that there is room in the glass for the aroma.

    Avenue champagne glass, 6-pack

    Tall, narrow flute glass that accentuates the bubbles.
    The Avenue Champagne Glass is a tall, narrow flute glass with an elegant, long stem and round foot, made of lead-free crystal.
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    Avenue red wine glass, 6-pack

    Top-quality glasses with a sophisticated design.
    The Avenue Red Wine Glass is elegantly pear-shaped, with its widest circumference towards the bottom of the bowl, funnelling downwards towards the stem and tapering upwards to the rim. Each detail of the design is aimed at enhancing both the aroma and flavor.
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    Whistler Wine Cooler Polar Bear

    Extravagant, faux fur wine cooler.
    Whistler Wine Cooler will help keep your wine at the right temperature. Although it might give the opposite impression of warmth, it actually snuggly helps keep your chilled beverage at the right temperature for a long time.
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    Avenue cocktail glass, 6-pack

    Cocktail glasses that lend an air of 1920s glamour.
    The Avenue Cocktail Glass has a wide rim so that you can get the full experience of all the aromas and engage all your senses.
    Kensington table lamp, leather, round

    Kensington table lamp, leather, round

    Table lamp with a cylindrical base made of genuine leather.
    Kensington Table Lamp has an exclusive, cylindrical base covered in the highest quality genuine leather. It is part of the Kensington Heritage Collection, which celebrates exquisite leather craftsmanship.
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    Avenue white wine glass, 6-pack

    The perfect glass for fine dining.
    The Avenue White Wine Glass is made of lead-free crystal, with an elegant pear-shaped bowl and a thin graceful stem with a round foot.
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    Kensington tray, round, leather

    Kensington tray, round, leather

    Genuine leather tray with beautiful details.
    The Kensington Leather Tray is a true piece of leather craftsmanship. With its practical high rim, you can serve your drinks with both confidence and style.
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    Contemporary rattan

    Rattan is as popular today as it was during the first half of the 1900s. It is a durable, natural material that can be woven and braided into gorgeous patterns. Using rattan accessories in your table setting gives a timeless, elegant impression reminiscent of the 1920s, Art Deco, luxury and opulence.