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by Newport


Crystal-clear drinks

The exclusive JFK Collection consists of classic tumbler glasses, highball glasses, beautiful decanters and an elegant handblown glass ice bucket that reflects the light and casts exquisite shadows across the room. Relax in your most comfortable armchair, with your favourite drink in hand, and let the stress fade away!

JFK Tumbler Glass, set of 6

Stylish beveled tumblers.
Set of six crystal tumblers, perfect for your whiskey on the rocks. Each glass has its own unique pattern that brilliantly refracts the light, heightening your experience and pleasure. Hand-blown, beveled and polished by skilled craftsmen.

JFK High Ball Glass, set of 6

Delivered in an exclusive gift box.
Exquisite highball glasses from the Newport Collection. Hand-blown, beveled and polished by skilled craftsmen in Poland. Use your JFK Highball Glasses for cold drinks, lemon water or delicious smoothies.
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JFK Decanter

Timeless decanter for fine spirits.
Serve your guests delicious drinks from a tasteful decanter that is guaranteed to add that extra touch of elegance. Use it to store your fine spirits, or display it just as it is to adorn your home.

JFK Ice Bucket

Serve the ice for your drinks in a tasteful way.
Elegant crystal ice bucket that brilliantly reflects the light. It is a perfect complement to your JFK tumblers and highball glasses.
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High quality

We have chosen to work with some of the very best glass artisans in the world. The company, dated back to 1884, is one of the most known and appreciated producers of crystal glass in Poland. They have a rich and long tradition of producing hand-blown, upscale crystal of high quality.

Traditional glass blowing

Products from the factory were known and appreciated, in the Kingdom of Poland and abroad, already at the turn of 19th and 20th centuries. Since 1986 the factory has been producing only crystal glass. The traditional, manual glass blowing method is still retained.

Outstanding beauty

Crystal glass, formed manually in wooden moulds, is characterized by outstanding beauty, unique shape and high precision of accuracy. Thanks to the original design, the rich and long-lasting tradition and unique manual, you get a result which cannot be obtained in mass production.