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by Newport


Elegant silver for festive occasions

We proudly present the Abbey Collection. It is an exclusive series of classic and timeless dining table accessories for setting your table beautifully on those most special occasions. The design is reminiscent of cherished traditions from long ago, when family heirlooms in silver were handed down from generation to generation to be loved and treasured. Put a silver lining on your every day and make those festive occasions even more festive, with Newport Abbey Collection adorning your table.


Classic elegance

In days gone by, only aristocrats and royalty experienced the pleasure of dazzling, sumptuous table settings. Today however, most of us can enjoy silver table accessories that add a touch of elegance to the dining experience. The Abbey Collection includes silver platters, salt & pepper shakers, vases, egg cups, toast racks and more. With our exclusive silver table accessories, you can add a touch of elegance to your weekend breakfasts and a soft shimmer to your evening meals.

Abbey napkin ring

Stylish accessories that impart elegance.
Create an elegant table that impresses your guests by holding your linen napkins held together with these silver napkin rings.
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Abbey serving plate

Table mats that are as beautiful as serving platters.
A silver charger plate is an essential element of fine dining and elegance. The Abbey silver charger plate will lift your table setting to its highest level, exuding timeless grace and sophistication.
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Pass along the tradition

At Newport, we are proud to keep the tradition of silver table settings alive as an integral part of everyday life. The Abbey Collection is a timeless assortment of handcrafted silver table accessories with a classic design. The items in the Collection are both functional and decorative, offering unique opportunities for creating stunning table settings that exude international class, refinement and sophistication.

Abbey tea strainer

Tea strainer spoon for Sunday breakfast.
Create an inviting and elegant atmosphere using the Abbey Collection for your table settings. This silver tea strainer spoon is simply perfect for your Sunday breakfast or brunch.
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Abbey toast rack

English elegance at the breakfast table.
The toast rack is part of the Abbey Collection - our exclusive line of serving and table-setting products that celebrates the bewitching magic of creating a festive and beautiful table.
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Silver as a gift

All of the items in the Abbey Collection make perfect gifts for any occasion, such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baptisms or graduation. Our silver table accessories add a touch of classic elegance to all of life’s celebrated events and, when given as a gift, will certainly delight the host of the next dinner party you are invited to! Or, why not surprise a friend who has been ailing and needs cheering up with an unexpected gift to adorn their table?

Abbey candlestick

The perfect present for your loved ones.
Abbey silver candlesticks are available in three sizes, allowing you to elevate your table setting with several candlesticks of varying heights for a balanced and harmonious result.
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Abbey crayfish bottle opener

Charming silver crayfish bottle opener.
A perfect gift for someone who has recently moved away from home, for a sibling or as a graduation present. Delivered in elegant present packaging.
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Timeless, treasured silver

With its lustre and shine, silver is a precious metal that people have treasured for generations, on a par with gold and used to create tableware, jewellery and other decorative items. Pure silver tableware is very delicate, and easily scratched, bent or broken. The items in the Abbey Collection are therefore made of solid brass with silver plating, which makes them far more durable than pure silver.

Abbey vase

Elegant silver vase for your favourite flowers.
The gleaming silver surface reflects and emphasises all the colours and textures of your bouquet, creating a stunning and dramatic effect.
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Abbey butter dome

Add an elegant silver butter dome to your table setting.
The design language of the Abbey Collection brings to mind the tradition of bygone eras in which silverware was passed down and cherished, generation after generation.
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Take good care of your silver

Silver-plated items need to be treated with care. Avoid any contact with chemicals that could discolour the silver plating. If any of your items from the Abbey Collection become dull or tarnished, you can easily restore their lustre with Glanol Ultra Soft polish. Use with a soft cotton rag, polishing cloth or polishing gloves for the best results.