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    Pocasset Desk Mountain Wenge

    • Heritage English - Pocasset Desk Mountain Wenge
    • Mountain Wenge - Pocasset Desk Mountain Wenge
    • Iconic Black - Pocasset Desk Mountain Wenge
    • Noble Newport Brown - Pocasset Desk Mountain Wenge
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    Pocasset desk from Newport in the colour Mountain Wenge. This is a stylish and practical desk in a classic design that’s well suited for office work. The desk has ample space and three pull-out drawers for storage. All furniture from Newport Premium Furniture is handmade using exclusive materials of substantial quality.

    Mountain Wenge is designer oak furniture with a rustic and exclusive elegance. A piece of furniture that fits just as well in a luxurious mountain cabin as in a stylishly decorated home. The oak surface has a matte, dark-brown hue that lets the wood’s natural structure and grains stand out. This gives each piece of furniture a unique and exclusive look. Oak is a durable and very moisture-resistant material. A classic wood type that has been prized as furniture-making material throughout history.

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    Clean your wooden furniture regularly using a soft, slightly damp cloth and water only. Use a dry cloth afterwards to wipe away any excess water. Avoid using any cleaning agents that could damage the surface. Give careful consideration to the placement of your wooden furniture so that you don’t expose it in a way that will affect its appearance. If it is close to the window, exposed to direct sunlight, the wood might fade, causing it to mature and change colour. For this reason, try to make sure that the entire wood surface is exposed to the same amount of sunlight. Vases, cloth runners and other decorations that you display could cause the underlying wooden surface to become darker than the rest, particularly if you leave those items in the same place for a long time. If you spill liquid, be sure to wipe it up immediately so that the wooden surface does not become stained. Use a coaster under glasses, hot pots, vases and potted plants that you put on your wooden furniture so that they don’t become stained by liquid or heat.

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