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The world’s oldest candle manufacturer

With their unique character and soft, embracing aromas, Trudon’s scented candles have been bewitching customers for generations. For centuries, a Trudon candle has been considered a work of art and luxurious piece of home décor, impressing both kings and aristocrats. Today, the candles are available in exceptional scents with inspiring backstories that make it difficult to resist collecting them.


A royal supplier

In 1643, Claude Trudon became the owner of a small boutique on the vibrant street Rue Saint-Honoré, where he developed his career as a candlemaker. Trudon produced his own wax for his candles, which swiftly became all the rage in Paris. Suddenly, these luxurious candles were being delivered to both the royal court of Louis XIV and to most of the major churches in France. The candles began to be considered works of art, and today Trudon is one of the world’s oldest candle manufacturers.

Joséphine Scented Candle

Turkish rose with sweet Egyptian jasmine and captivating Chinese camellia.
The Joséphine scented candle has an intoxicating scent inspired by Napoleon’s beloved wife. The sophisticated floral scent is balanced by a warm and woody base of Indonesian sandalwood and aromatic white musk.

A gift from Napoleon

Trudon candles decorated the halls of the Palace of Versailles and elegantly illuminated many French churches. Not only was King Louis XIV fond of these candles, but Napoleon Bonaparte was also impressed. His only gift to his newborn son was a Trudon candle, adorned with his personal cameo and three beautiful gold seals.

Centuries-old principles

Every candle is still fashioned by hand according to the principles of the company’s founder, Claude Trudon. The candles are made of beeswax, and the wax is carefully harvested from the hive before being filtered, washed and exposed to sunlight, causing it to become white and clean. The glass is handmade in the Italian region of Tuscany. The ingredients in the wax create no smoke, and the wax slides flawlessly down the unique glass container.