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    SKULTUNA 1607

    The antiques of tomorrow

    For over 400 years, Skultuna has created beautiful objects of superior quality in timeless designs. The company is one of the oldest of its kind in the world and has long been a purveyor to the Swedish royal family. Skultuna creates the antiques of tomorrow, destined to be passed down as heirlooms for generations to come.

    Four centuries later

    Sweden had been subjected to heavy taxes under the reigns of Gustav Wasa and Erik XIV, and to get the country back on its feet, King Karl IX decided to implement his plans for the Swedish brass industry. In the end, he decided to base production in Skultuna on the banks of the River Svartån, because the location provided access to hydropower, plenty of timber, coal, and copper. A factory still stands on the same site along the river, but the company’s historic journey has had its ups and downs along the way. At one point the factory was washed away in a spring flood, and on three occasions it burned to the ground.

    Master founders

    More than four hundred years since its foundation, the factory still stands on the exact same site on the banks of the River Svartån in Skultuna. The first master founders to come to Skultuna were recruited from master foundries in Germany and the Netherlands, bringing with them their techniques for casting large brass objects, such as chandeliers.

    Timeless design

    In the early 1950s, the silversmith Pierre Forssell brought modernism to the factory in Skultuna. Today Skultuna works with a wide array of leading international designers. Skultuna’s products can be found in the world’s most illustrious design boutiques and department stores, and Skultuna has won a number of international design awards. Production at the factory in Skultuna continues in an unbroken chain stretching all the way back to the early 17th century.

    Bead vase 3-set

    Bead vase 3-set

    The Line är en av världens ledande concept stores med butiker i New York och Los Angeles.
    Vaserna Bead är inspirerade av antika vaser som The Line samlat in under lång tid. Vaserna kan användas var för sig eller tillsammans som i bilden ovan.
    Kin tealight holders 3-pack white

    Kin tealight holders 3-pack white

    Lovely candleholders packaged an exclusive gift box.
    Kin is a stylish series of candleholders designed in 2010 by the internationally acclaimed design studio Claesson Koivisto Rune. This model has a white powder-painted exterior and a shiny, polished brass interior.