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    Handmade ceramics

    We’ve created an exclusive collection of ceramics and coasters inspired by the charming little village of Portofino in the heart of the Italian Riviera, on the Ligurian Sea. The Portofino Collection is a series of handmade ceramics and coasters in blue and white patterns. You’ll find plates, serving platters, mugs and bowls that match our glasses and placements with the same design. The table settings you create from this collection will be exquisite, exuding quality craftsmanship.

    Portofino Deep Plate

    Perfect for pasta or soup.
    The handmade deep plate in ceramic is perfect for pasta or soup. Feel free to combine with dinner plates, serving plates, side plates, pitcher, and mugs from the Portofino collection.
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    Portofino Salad Bowl

    A beautiful, generously sized salad bowl.
    This handcrafted ceramic bowl is perfect for serving a delicious salad or fruit.
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    Portofino Collection
    Portofino Collection


    The Most Beautiful Summer Table Setting – How to Achieve It

    Using rattan and table setting details in blue and white, you can effortlessly create a stunning summer table. 1. A placemat not only adds decoration but also protects the table from spills. The Avenue placemat brings a summery seaside feel to your table. 2. Match the placemat colors with your cutlery. Our Newport Indigo Blue cutlery set perfectly complements a summer table setting. 3. Add matching napkins wrapped in rattan napkin rings to create a natural touch. 4. Finish the look with Manhattan crystal glasses, charming Art Deco-style glasses that are perfect for both everyday use and special occasions.

    Portofino Collection
    Portofino Collection


    Traditional Craftsmanship

    The Portofino collection features ceramics crafted by talented artisans in Italy. Each piece is hand-thrown, resulting in a unique look for every item in the collection. The tradition of creating earthenware dates back centuries and is valued across many cultures for its warm and rustic appeal.

    Portofino Collection


    Smooth Glaze

    Through the process of glazing, the ceramics attain a richly colored finish and a glossy surface that elegantly reflects light. This meticulously crafted dinnerware set not only serves as an artistic masterpiece but also seamlessly integrates as a functional and stylish element of home décor. Portofino stands as a homage to traditional craftsmanship and the celebration of everyday beauty.


    Elegant Blue Placemats

    Creating an elegant setting for your tableware, these placemats in a subtle blue hue offer both charm and resilience. Their intricate pattern evokes the picturesque ambiance of Portofino, a quaint village nestled along the Italian Riviera. Available in rectangular and circular shapes, these placemats provide versatility, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your dining table.

    Portofino placemat blue/white

    Italian-inspired placemat.
    Blue-and-white round placemat inspired by the charming village of Portofino in the heart of the Italian Riviera. Decorative and practical for creating exquisite table settings.
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    Portofino Coaster Blue/White

    Cheerful Glass Coasters in Blue and White.
    These stylish square glass coasters not only protect your table from spills but also add a touch of summer flair with their blue and white design.
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