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    Whistler throw brown bear


    Whistler throw brown bear

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    The thick and silky, brown bear-coloured Whistler throw blanket is made from the finest faux fur. The blanket’s thick material gives it a beautiful sheen, does not shed hairs, and remains just as plush and soft over time. Backed with a soft fabric in a matching colour.

    Dry cleaning recommended.

    • Newport

    • 23219

    • 180 cm

    • 2.04 kg

    • 130 cm

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    Newport’s faux fur products have been manufactured from high quality materials that keep their lovely appearance over a long period of time. But to ensure that they remain soft and beautiful, we recommend that you avoid exposing them to moisture, heat, friction and dirt. If your faux fur product becomes very dirty, we recommend that you only hand it in for dry cleaning. If the fur becomes wet, hang it up to dry. You should never try to speed up the process by tumble drying or using a hair dryer.