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    Fine acrylic and crystal champagne glasses - Newport
    Fine acrylic and crystal champagne glasses - Newport

    Champagne glasses

    Drinking bubbles from luxurious champagne glasses is an unbeatable feeling. Newport's champagne glasses in timeless design and are made of exclusive materials such as crystal and crystalline.
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    The champagne glass - a festive detail

    The champagne glass is a priceless treasure at every celebration. Popping the champagne and serving it in a thin, elegant flute is a special moment in the ceremony. The tall, slender champagne glass, or flute, is carefully designed to retain the bubbles for a longer period, ensuring that each sip is fresh and enjoyable. A beautiful flute can make every toast and sip of champagne a magical experience, every celebratory gathering more memorable and every party more sophisticated. Serve champagne in carefully-chosen flutes so that every sip can be savoured and the true beauty and elegance of the champagne can be fully appreciated.