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Put your family memories in the frame


Frame your memories

The Madison Frame Collection of silver-coloured metal frames captures the feeling of always having your loved ones and treasured memories close to you. With their modern design and classic details, the items in the collection exude style and elegance.

Gwyneth picture frame, silver

Frame your memories and loved ones.
Gwyneth is an exquisite silver-coloured glass and metal frame and modern alternative to more traditional photo frames.

Garner picture frame, silver

Stylish and elegant photo frame for treasured memories.
With its classic design and elegant details, Garner photo frame looks lovely in groupings with the other frames from our Madison Frame Collection.


Maddox photo frame

Maddox photo frame, with its elegant silver-coloured bamboo pattern is the perfect choice for capturing your treasured memories. Exquisite quality, solid and with a nice weight. Available in two sizes: 10x15 cm, 13x18 cm and 20x25 cm.

Maddox picture frame, silver

Frame with a classic bamboo pattern.
With its elegant bamboo pattern and thoughtful attention to the details, Maddox frames will add a touch of style to any room.

Judy picture frame, silver

Photo frame with collapsible support.
Judy photo frame has a stylish design and collapsible support that elegantly folds out behind it to hold the frame upright. It is truly a masterpiece in design that will adorn any room.


Cary photo frame

The classic wooden frame serves as the design inspiration for Carry photo frame. The wide silver metal frame, with its attention to the details is suitable for all styles and environments. Cary photo frame is available in these sizes: 10x15 cm, 13x18 cm and 20x25 cm.

Cary picture frame, silver

Silver frame with a classic design.
Cary photo frame has been beautifully designed. It is a timeless piece for displaying your treasured memories and loved ones in a decorative way.

Ruth picture frame, silver

Silver frame, dainty and elegant.
Ruth is a dainty and decorative metal frame in silver. Can be used for both portrait and landscape displays.

Greta picture frame, silver, double

Foldable frame for two photos.
Greta is a foldable photo frame for displaying two photos, portrait display. It is perfect for photos that have a special connection as a pair. You and your partner, perhaps?


Ethan photo frame

Ethan photo frame is a silver metal frame with a stylish design, straight lines and weight that exudes quality. Use it to display your finest photos in an exclusive, yet restrained and discrete way. Available in the sizes: 10x15 cm, 13x18 cm and 20x25 cm.

Ethan picture frame, silver

Photo frame with a subdued, stylish design.
Ethan photo frame, with its straight lines and sober elegance is a design dream. Use it to enhance and display your finest photos in an exclusive way.

Jane picture frame, silver

Dainty metal silver frame with a bamboo pattern.
Unlike its “cousin” Maddox in the same series, Jane has been manufactured in a light-alloy metal, making it more lightweight and dainty. But in terms of design, Jane still meets the same high standards on quality.


Madison frames at our stores

Of course, you’ll find all the frames in our Madison Frame Collection at our stores. Why not pay us a visit? We’d love to guide you to your favourites and will do our utmost to give you the best shopping experience imaginable.