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    Kitchen classics

    Discover the Newport range of kitchen linens reminiscent of a traditional French country kitchen and all of the delicious meals prepared there. You’ll find aprons, dishtowels, potholders and oven mitts in classic prints and colours that will give your kitchen an elegant, rustic feeling. These high quality cotton kitchen linens are durable to withstand everything from high temperatures to repeated washings.


    Provence – a classic feeling

    Products in the Provence collection come in timeless shades of classic grey, blue and white. They have a decorative wide stripe, framed by narrower stripes, with an elegant Newport logo – patterns and details that add elegance and style to your kitchen when hung from the oven handle or displayed at the edge of the sink.

    Provence tea towel white/blue

    Evoke the ambiance of a French country kitchen.
    This tea towel made of the finest cotton fabric gives your kitchen an inviting, rustic ambiance. The Provence tea towel is adorned with a broad blue stripe and the Newport logo.
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    Provence barbeque mitt white/blue

    Extra long barbecue mitt.
    Here is a barbecue mitt that is both decorative and practical. It is sturdy and protective, as well as soft and supple.
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    Provence tea towel blue/white

    Classic blue and white.
    With the blue background and white stripes, this Provence tea towel adds a classic touch to your kitchen. Made of durable, sustainable cotton.
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    French inspiration

    Food, laughter, friends and family. The kitchen is truly the heart of the home, where we gather to prepare food and make memories. Our collection of kitchen linens is a tribute to the French country kitchen, where food is so much more than just what we eat! They evoke the ambiance of a well-designed kitchen permeated by the aromas of lavender, garlic, herbs, and the salty Mediterranean sea.


    Avignon – timeless stripes

    Products in the Avignon collection have a tiny, blue and white, classic pinstripe pattern. Stripes are frequently described as one of the world’s oldest patterns, which has been used as long as fabric has been around. It’s a much loved design exuding elegance and classic style. Pinstripe textiles in your kitchen add a touch of both exclusivity and cosiness.

    Avignon tea towel

    Tea towel in a classic pinstripe pattern.
    With its classic pinstripe pattern, Avignon tea towel, made of the finest cotton fabric, gives your kitchen a stylish, elegant touch.
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    Avignon potholder

    A durable potholder with an elegant design.
    The potholders from Newport’s Avignon collection are a tribute to the French country kitchen and all of the delicious cuisine prepared there.
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