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A tribute to paradise

Newport’s collection of artificial corals is a tribute to French Polynesia and the island paradise of Bora Bora. The island is surrounded by turquoise waters dotted with luxurious bungalows whose glass floors allow guests to gaze straight down into the colourful coral reefs below. Everything is framed by volcanic mountains, deep rainforests and a romantic sense of tranquility.


Dreamlike magical islands

The tropics attract Hollywood stars and billionaires hungry for a South Sea adventure. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, as well as Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux, are among the celebrity couples who have chosen to spend their honeymoon on the remote island of Bora Bora in the southern Pacific Ocean.


The sea’s promised land

Like a hidden world, the coral reef is there, far beneath the surface of the sea. Teeming with exotic fish, the mysterious and fascinating coral reefs consist of large limestone structures formed by the coral animals’ skeletons on the seabed. It has taken many millions of years to build the coral reefs that exist today. Coral reefs are among the planet’s most species-rich environments. They are nurseries for many different species of fish and supply light, fine sand to our beaches.


A unique collection

Newport’s coral sculptures are reminiscent of the under-sea beauty that we want to preserve. Skilled craftsmanship creates an exclusive sense of the vastness of the sea. Each treasure of the sea is presented in pure, crisp white, mounted on a beautiful, solid pedestal with an engraved emblem underneath. A unique collection in which each copy is numbered and handmade. Your coral is delivered in an exquisite gift box in a green turquoise hue reminiscent of salty sea breezes.

Inès coral white

A beautiful coral will imbue your home with the feeling of the sea and the paradise islands of the Pacific Ocean.
Inès is a very popular name in France. It originally comes from a Spanish form of the name Agnes, meaning “pure” or “chaste”. Our Inès coral certainly has a sweet and innocent appearance, but she knows how to show herself off, as a window, table or shelf decoration.
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Chloé coral white

Transport yourself to turquoise seas and swaying palm trees with our Chloé coral sculpture.
Chloé is a coral sculpture on a pedestal that looks beautiful in a window, on a shelf or as a still life together with other lovely decorations. It adorns your home while also offering a glimpse into a mysterious and fascinating underwater world. The name Chloé conveys a sense of hope and of something that is able to grow and flourish. Let our Chloé coral imbue your home with an air of ease and optimism.
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A sense of paradise

Newport’s coral sculptures add a unique look to any room. A coral looks great in a window, on a shelf or in a still life with other lovely decorations. Unfortunately, the world’s coral reefs are in danger of vanishing, but the corals in Newport’s Bora Bora collection obviously do not encroach on nature. Our sculptures are made of carefully selected artificial materials that create an air of authenticity. Bring one or more of our corals, all inspired by popular French girls’ names, into your home to spread a sense of paradise.

Maya coral white

A beautiful sculpture elevated on a small pedestal.
With its lovely and charismatic appearance, our Maya artificial coral adds a warm and inviting ambiance to any room. Position her in a window or on a dresser, or why not let her decorate one of the shelves in a cabinet? A maritime ambiance adds that “something special” to your home.
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Léonie coral white

Our Léonie coral is like an elegant sea breeze in your home.
Our Léonie coral stands out like a proud lioness. Her name derives from the French feminine form of Leonius, which comes from the Latin leo, meaning “lion”. Léonie means “the little lioness”. She may not be tall, but Léonie coral is a strong and desirable decoration whose impressive size comes from her width.
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A pearl necklace of islands in the Pacific Ocean

It’s not difficult to understand why the Portuguese explorers who landed on the islands in the 16th century were amazed at the beauty of the French Polynesian archipelagos. For the next few centuries, explorers from various European countries continued to visit the enchanting cluster of islands. Yet the 118 islands and atolls that make up French Polynesia were not officially united until 1889.

Noir coral white

Dream yourself away to white beaches.
Imbue your living room, bedroom or even the bathroom with an elegant ambiance with an artificial coral whose name alludes to dark French nights when anything can happen. Our Noir coral springs surprises with its impressive weight, its chalk-white surface and the Newport emblem under the pedestal that can be glimpsed from certain angles.
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Adèle coral white

Adèle creates an exotic ambiance and is reminiscent of the wonderful environment of the tropics.
Our Adèle coral adorns your home with a rare charisma and charm. Adèle is a French form of the Old German name Adelheid, which means “noble”. Like a precious jewel, Adèle has an elegant appearance, with a crisp white surface and solid crystalline pedestal.
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