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    Windsor chair by Newport

    A robust design of rare elegance. A piece of great integrity, yet still inviting. Newport’s Windsor chair is simultaneously legendary and innovative. This is furniture art at its finest.

    Newport Windsor spindle-backed chair, rich brown

    The Windsor chair from Newport is made of exclusive, solid American oak.
    It offers a new take on a classic design, with an undulating chair back and frame made of solid wood. Newport’s chair retains the same supportively designed seat and backrest composed of painstakingly turned spindles as the classic Windsor.

    Newport Windsor spindle-backed chair, black

    A new take on a classic design.
    We have spiced up the classic version of the Windsor chair with carefully designed elements, such as milled details and an arched crossbeam between the chair legs.


    Multifaceted furniture

    This English chair type, which in the early 18th century was mostly seen in farmhouses and in village restaurants, quickly became ubiquitous. Yet it was in Colonial American that the chair reached the height of its popularity. Around 1730, the chair began to appear in the British colonies along the American east coast. For this reason, many people associate it with the New England interior design style. However, the Windsor chair is immensely popular in all types of homes, from those steeped in Continental luxury to rustic, rural abodes.


    Royal roots

    The genesis of the Windsor chair is believed to have occurred in 1724. The story goes that during a windy walk, the British king George III of Great Britain took shelter in a cottage, where he encountered a chair that appealed to him. He liked it so much that he had an entire set made for his grand Windsor Castle, now one of Britain’s most famous royal residences. Hence the name of this beloved chair, which is also the ancestor of the Swedish spindle chair.

    An illustrious history

    In the Newport Windsor chair, you are ensconced in the same comfort as a long line of the world’s most powerful people. The American President Thomas Jefferson is said to have been sitting in a Windsor chair when he signed the country’s Declaration of Independence in 1776. The first US president, George Washington, is also said to have had a large number of Windsor chairs in his famous mansion at Mount Vernon. This classic boasts a magnificent design and solid craftsmanship. Newport’s Windsor chair offers a downright royal level of comfort.


    The Crossback chair by Newport

    Newport’s chairs are known to be both comfortable and stylish. In our Crossback chair you will easily find a position in which you can be comfortable sitting for a long time, perhaps enjoying a lingering lunch like the regulars of a Parisian café. The seat is upholstered and covered by an elegant rattan casing. The chair’s unparalleled design language and exquisite details, such as bent wood and the rivets that hold the cross together in the back of the chair, make the Crossback chair a popular bestseller.

    Newport Cross Dining Chair, Burnt Oak

    A chair made of exclusive, solid American oak with a seat made of traditionally woven, natural-coloured rattan.
    Inspired by the incredibly popular café chair that can be seen in all of Europe’s most beautiful cities, this eminently practical dining chair has a crossed back made of exclusive, solid oak.
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    Classics that blend into their surroundings

    Give your home a dash of cosmopolitan flair with one or more Crossback chairs. Whether you find yourself in Europe or the United States, chances are that you will come across this chair, which is one of the most popular designs used in restaurants and cafés. In recent years, these chairs have also become immensely sought after as home décor pieces. Once you open your eyes to the Crossback chair, you will see it everywhere. In Season Five of the critically acclaimed series Younger (created by Darren Star, the man behind such hit shows as Sex in the City, this beloved chair appears in several scenes.


    Steamy origins

    These genuine bentwood chairs are inspired by the creations of the German-Austrian furniture designer Michael Thonet, who lived from the late 1700s to the late 1800s. The method of bending wood was first used all the way back in ancient Greece. Thonet and his collaborators conducted numerous experiments to refine the technique. With the help of steam, they softened wood and strapped it in place as it cooled. This resulted in highly durable wooden details and made it possible to fashion tighter and more complicated curves than with wood cut with a jigsaw.


    Bentwood - an enduring trend

    Bentwood chairs were a revolutionary breakthrough in furniture manufacturing. Before the mid-19th century, furniture styles tended towards heavy wooden pieces, often with carved patterns. Thonet’s light and minimalist design quickly became a hit, and he is commonly considered to be the father of industrial design. Thonet’s bentwood technique came to inspire the entire furniture world, especially the design of the popular Crossback chair, or “X-back” chair, as it is also called.