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    Bon Voyage Collection
    Bon Voyage Collection


    by Newport


    Christmas tree ornaments for travel lovers

    Newport proudly presents the Bon Voyage Collection. It is a unique collection of glass Christmas tree ornaments that is sure to spark wanderlust in travel lovers and appeal to those who like to decorate in a way that turns Christmas into an exciting adventure. Create a Disney-like tree that will spark the imagination and delight people of all ages.


    Adventurous Christmas

    Discover the world at Christmastime! The ornaments in the Bon Voyage Collection will take you on a journey to far away places like London, Paris and Pisa! They make wonderful gifts for travel lovers and make it easy to decorate your tree in a way that tickles your wanderlust.

    Eiffel Tower Christmas Tree Decoration Gold

    Eiffel Tower Christmas Tree Decoration Gold

    Christmas tree ornaments exuding the romantic elegance of France.
    A glittery replica of the Eiffel Tower makes a lovely ornament for your Christmas tree. Together with Big Ben, the Arc de Triomphe and Leaning Tower of Pisa, they will take you on an exciting journey around the Christmas tree that you quickly fill with happy memories.
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    Norman Bus Christmas Tree Ornament Red

    Decorate your Christmas tree with this delightful red, double-decker London bus ornament.
    These double-decker buses are as iconic as Santa Claus, evoking memories of London’s snow-covered streets at Christmastime. They make a wonderful addition to your collection of other, London-inspired Christmas decorations.
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    Charlie Dog Christmas Tree Decoration

    Charming dog Christmas tree ornament.
    This delightful ornament, in the design of a charming puppy wearing a bright red, glittery jacket adds a playful touch to your tree that is guaranteed to spread Christmas cheer.
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